A recent survey revealed that a large percentage of CEOs are rather disconnected. CEO.com and Domo interviewed more than 1500 CEOs, executives, and general employees and found a startling gap between how CEOs view their communication, and how their executives and employees are interpreting it. As CEO, you are constantly reminded of the importance of communicating with clarity. And, if you are anything like the 468 CEOs surveyed, you probably believe that you are an effective communicator. However, the data below shows the gap between what some CEOs are saying and what their workforce is hearing. For instance:

    • 84% of CEOs believe they never speak to reprimand the company.
    • 39% of executives and 32% of general employees claim reprimanding does occur.
    • 1 out of 10 employees say the only communication they get from their CEO is punitive.
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