Executive Leadership Coaching Success

We are honored that our Executive Leadership Coaching has helped these great companies:

“Ascanio, I am so pleased with the outcome. I owe you a big THANK YOU! The meeting was so impactful and the managers had some great takeaways.”

​​Christina Thomas, Human Resources Manager, AvalonBay Communities, Inc.

​​“Ascanio has been working with me to develop both my business and my personal strategy for increasing my clientele base and my business growth. His insights and experience has provided laser-focus for my own objectives and as a result my business has exploded. I love the fact that he incorporates his own sense of fearless, outdoor adventure lifestyle into the training. He’s made me change my own motto to “Be Fearless” in everything I do.”

Craig Copeland, CEO, Results Mastery

“My friend recommended Ascanio as a coach to solve some development problems in my business. I was pretty skeptical but decided to try. Results exceeded all my expectations. After couple of sessions I could see real difference which I could make myself. Thank you, Ascanio.”

​​Sergey Kucher, CEO, Ray Access Inc.

“Ascanio’s high energy and clear communication skills are invaluable as a coach. He is authentic and genuine and helps you pinpoint and undo any patterns that may be preventing you from reaching your goals.”

​​Kelly Schandel, CEO, ThinkPure

“Ascanio’s strength is that he is highly committed to the results of his clients based on their truest desires. When one works with Ascanio he is incredibly thought provoking and the coaching is more like a pure conversation, than a session with a coach. In the short time we have worked together, I have come to the realization that my deep desire is to have my business grow much larger than I had ever admitted to myself. While working with him, I have an accountability partner who is able to see the global and large scale vision of my dream and help me achieve it happen. Ascanio is a coach for one’s dreams and is a stand for his clients to achieve everything they want in their life.Those who have the absolute privilege of working with Ascanio are blessed.”

​​Christine Syquia, CEO, Spotlight Accessories

“I recommend Ascanio as a business or career coach, I am usually very skeptical about any type of business coaching or consulting as there are a lot of so called “experts” out there who can not deliver what they promise. However, Ascanio is not one of them. His style is not about coaching but rather about helping you figure out your own problems. I judge people based on results and Ascanio is someone who can deliver good results.”

​​Peter Federov, Executive, Golden Hippo Media


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