Over a hundred years ago, Albert Einstein turned the scientific community upside down with a radical idea that everything we see, hear ,taste, touch and smell is not matter, but energy. Every thought you have has energy. Some of those thoughts are limiting, while others are empowering.  Your limiting thoughts are comprised of catabolic energy — destructive energy that shows up as doubt. worry, guilt, regret, etc. Thoughts that motivate and inspire you are constructive and anabolic.

Leadership is your ability to inspire (yourself and others) and is determined by your level of energy. Your leadership ability is predicated on your energetic state (the amount of anabolic or catabolic energy present at any given moment).

Energy Leadership is a process that helps you become a better leader by raising your level of energy, engagement and awareness. Our system has helped CEO’s and C-Suite executives influence people with far less stress and effort, by shifting them from a destructive, catabolic state to a constructive anabolic state.

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