Employee Engagement Solutions

Employee Engagement Solutions that Transform Energy and Mindset

Everything starts with energy and mindset. Those are the two factors limiting your organization’s ability to truly engage its employees and reach its full potential. Your organization is where it is today because of the combined energy and mindset of every single person that has helped it get to where you are today. To get to the next level your employees will need to tap into their hidden energy reserves and stretch their minds so they can can become more energized, engaged and inspired than ever before. With this new energy your workplace will be transformed into a far more creative, collaborative and stress free environment.

By reshaping their core beliefs, judgments and assessments about their own abilities, your staff will have a new perspective of their full potential. Most corporate workshops focus solely on short-term behavioral modifications, but science knows that in order to modify long-term behavior we need to adopt a new mindset. Actions are motivated by feelings, and feelings stem from our core beliefs. Unless limiting beliefs are discarded, behavior won’t change. In essence, your personnel won’t just be doing things differently, they will BE different.

According to the latest Gallup poll, your disengaged employees are costing the US economy $450-$550 billion; or roughly $3,400 a year for every $10,000 in annual salary (Haydon, 2013). Organizations with higher employee disengagement levels experience:

Employee Engagement Statistics
Employee Engagement Statistics
  • 65% greater turnover (in low-turnover companies)
  • 48% more safety incidents
  • 41% more patient safety incidents
  • 41% more quality defects
  • 37% greater absenteeism
  • 28% more employee theft
  • 25% greater turnover (in high-turnover companies)
  • 22% less profitability

Is your organization ready to inspire, engage and completely energize its c-level executives, mid level managers and frontline service providers?

How would greater engagement with your employees and customers impact your company? What would happen to productivity levels, profits and overall energy if your workplace was buzzing with excitement? Imagine your organization coming alive, as your teams’ values, vision and sense of purpose align with those of your organization.



How to Drive Employee Engagement

Employee Engagement Solutions
Employee Engagement Solutions

Our cutting edge corporate team building retreats and leadership development and employee engagement programs will strengthen the bonds and spirit of your members. We will challenge your staff to push their limits and embrace the extreme, redefining what they see as possible. Our executive assessments will expose your employees’ hidden limiting beliefs and replace them with new thoughts that support, inspire and create action. We will share our most effective coaching tools like, reframing, creating Buy-In and diffusing conflict to help your teams adopt new stress-free perspectives that create new inspiring, win-win opportunities that positively influence everyone around them.

By the end of your retreat or workshop your staff will have developed a deeper trust and connection to each other, and your team will have become a cohesive unit. Passion, excitement, enthusiasm and energy will replace the fear, uncertainty, apathy and lethargy that plagues most disengaged organizations.

We know there are other employee engagement solutions out there; some quite effective, but none as energetic, transformative and impactful as ours. We stand behind our work and are one of the few to even offer a full refund if you or your team is not 110% satisfied. Schedule a discovery session with us right now to learn how our employee engagement solutions will immediately unleash your organizations untapped energy and potential.

To learn how our executive assessments will expose what’s limiting your employee engagement click here.


Fortune 500 Coach Ascanio Pignatelli

Employee Engagement Solutions
CEO and Executive Coach Ascanio Pignatelli

In an era of flux, survival is just a slow death. Those who resist it will perish, while those who adapt and “Embrace the Extreme” will grow and flourish. Is your company thriving, or surviving? Are you surrounded by opportunities or problems? Let breakthrough coach, and leadership expert, Ascanio Pignatelli help your audience reach its full potential by welcoming its greatest challenges.

What do shark diving, cave diving, rock climbing and public speaking have in common? They went from terrifying Ascanio to electrifying him, leading him to redefine his limits as he became a master of each. His infectious enthusiasm, energy and passion for life and adventure is riveting and will inspire your audience to redefine their limits. As an audience member you will learn the key insights that helped Ascanio develop a mindset to:

  • Sell a TV series (Shark Chasers 2002) that he created, hosted and produced to Travel Channel.
  • Successfully lead challenging wreck-diving expeditions all over the Red Sea.
  • Dive the famous Blue Hole at night-without lights.
  • Hand-feed 12’ lemon sharks, tonically immobilize a 9’ reef shark, penetrate a school of hammerheads and wrangle a 14’ great white shark.
  • Explore some of the most intricate underwater caves in the world.
  • Ice-climb Alpamayo (one of the most sought after alpine climbs in the world) as a novice.
  • Summit the Rainbow Wall, Grade V, 12b (one of the hardest, multi-pitch crack climbs in the country) his second year climbing.

Ascanio Pignatelli CPC, is an award winning speaker, leadership expert and Fortune 500 coach in Los Angeles. He is on a mission to empower and inspire others to be the best leaders they can be. He is a certified professional coach and author of the forthcoming book “Lead from Need: How Great Leaders Inspire Others.” Ascanio has been honing his leadership skills and redefining his own limits as a rock climber and scuba diver in some of the world’s most extreme environments and he brings those elements to his executive leadership workshops and retreats throughout the world.

To download Ascanio’s complete speaker brochure click here.