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Ascanio Pignatelli CPC, Executive Coach Los Angeles


Ascanio Ascanio is the founder of apex CEO, and is passionate about helping organizations  introduce employee engagement solutions that work. He is an award winning speaker and employee engagement expert on a mission to empower and inspire leaders to be maximally engaged in all aspects of their life. He is a certified professional coach and author of the forthcoming book “Lead from Need: Raising Employee Engagement Levels. from the Core” Ascanio has been honing his leadership skills and redefining his own limits as a rock climber and scuba diver in some of the world’s most extreme environments and brings those elements to apex CEO’s executive leadership workshopsexecutive coaching programs and employee engagement training and development.


Pamela Miller CPC, Executive Coach Dallas TX

Employee Engagement Solutions for Fortune 500 CompaniesPamela is the founding director of Lead2Success, an Executive Leadership Development Coach, consultant, speaker, and facilitator specializing in Core Energy Leadership and Emotional Intelligence. Pamela has held high-level management positions at specialty retailers including Vice-President, Operations at Neiman Marcus where she managed day-to-day operations in three divisions with more than 750 employees. Using her past experience in retail operations management and as a senior executive in corporate operations she has developed and produced leadership development programs that help leaders and their organizations improve their emotional intelligence, engage in dynamic communication, create high-energy relationships and improve employee engagement.

Pamela’s one-on-one executive coaching has helped executives and managers at all levels develop their leadership skills including the ability to transform “position power” into “personal power”. She has worked with managers and executives in various positions including corporate and non-profit executives, scientists, academics and community advocates. Her clients include individuals and teams from companies as diverse as; Microsoft, Zurich Global Insurance, ConocoPhillips, Hess Oil, Sun Trust Bank, Texas Health Resources, Roche Diagnostics, Hanover Insurance, CBS, Cancer Treatment Centers, American Express, Unilever and Southern Methodist University, amongst others.

Pamela graduated from the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching (iPEC), an ICF-accredited Coaching Program. With more than 550 hours of course-related work and hands-on training, she is an Energy Leadership Index – Master Practitioner and a COR.E Wellbeing Dynamics Specialist. She works with clients one-on-one, in workshop environments, and through online web classes. Topics vary and are tailored for the specific industry or needs of the client. To see how Pamela’s executive coaching can help your company click here.


Sandi Mitchell CPC, Executive Coach Dallas TX

Employee Engagement SolutionsSandi is President and CEO of APEX Leadership Coaching, an executive coaching firm dedicated to enhancing emotional intelligence in extraordinary leaders. Her passion is working with high-achieving leaders who want to transition from leading followers to leading leaders. She works with leaders in corporations, small businesses, and nonprofits. Her experience and skills comes from over 30 years working in the corporate world, as a business owner herself, and as an Executive Coach. She is a featured author in The Change book series and is currently working on a journal/adult coloring book focusing on deepening your emotional intelligence in leadership. Click here to see how Sandi and her firm can help you.


Barrie Pressly CPC, Executive Coach Miami, FL

Employee Engagement TeamBarrie has been working with top executives and sales forces to help them navigate the complexities of business in a way that isn’t overwhelming since 1997. When leaders up-level their performance and leadership skills they stay focused, are more energized, consistent and confident.

She has extensive experience bringing executive coaching to the Healthcare industry to developing executive leadership. She has worked directly with C-Suites nationwide to help them expand sales of capital medical equipment and to develop marketing and training programs.

She understands firsthand how difficult change can be and knows how to help leadership teams successfully navigate all facets of business to create innovative and sustainable change.  While companies are profitable and appear successful, she understands how dysfunctional, stressful, and unproductive businesses and organizations have the potential to be.

As a Certified Executive Coach through her work with her organization she helps executives master the behaviors, attitudes and traits within themselves and across their teams to execute on their organization’s mission to deliver profitable and powerful results leading to an organization that is highly functional.

KPMG Energy Leadership Workshop

On October 22nd, 2015 we had the privilege of delivering an advanced Energy Leadership Workshop to KPMG’s ION Leadership Team (those responsible for the company’s entire operations). The event was an overwhelming success due to the support of these outstanding executive coaches:

Sandi Mitchell, Brooke O’Shea, Barrie Pressly, Sharissa Sebastian, Pamela Miller, Carrie Nixon, Kathy Walter, Dawn Shannon, Jane Brammer, Nate Maxwell, Kofi Williams, Lynette Jones, Rocio Alcazar, Sandy Halliburton, Sherri Sessler, Elizabeth Liz Lim, Joy Humbarger, Terri Haselden, Judy Owen, Debra Austin, Hartmut Eggert and Ascanio Pignatelli.

Executive Coaching Team