Leadership Pyramid

3 Leadership Traits Every Executive Needs to Master

What three leadership traits will you need to develop to run a very successful organization? The same three that every rockclimber at the top of their game has mastered, and the same three that have contributed to every success you’ve ever had: confidence, energy and enthusiasm. Together they form “The Leadership Pyramid.”

Great leaders like Jesus Christ, Gandhi and Martin Luther King Jr. were supremely confident, energetic and enthusiastic. Yes, their messages had power, but it was their conviction, determination and passion that inspired people to act on their dreams. That same confidence, energy and enthusiasm is critical when it comes to motivating and engaging employees, inspiring customers or running a successful corporation. As an executive your ability to inspire your vendors, customers, investors and employees will dictate your success or failure. Unfortunately, most leaders don’t get this. They may blame their lack of results on not having the right people or team in place, however a weak leader will never attract a stronger leader. And engaged employees will only show up when a strong leader is there first. Develop more confidence, energy and enthusiasm and you will attract, retain and engage employees with less effort and more effectiveness.

Start with confidence. On a scale of one to ten, (and be brutally honest here), what would your level of confidence be if you were about to walk into a boardroom to do your first Fortune 500 deal? Would you stand a chance if your confidence were not at a level 10? Now ask yourself which areas of your life you lack level 10 confidence and how is that affecting you?

Perhaps it’s time to find a leadership coach or mentor who can help you develop a winning mindset. You will want to challenge whatever thoughts, beliefs or assumptions are limiting you. The most successful people in the world had great tutors, coaches, and mentors. Alexander the Great had Aristotle, Plato had Socrates and the disciples had Jesus. CEO’s of Fortune 100 companies don’t go it alone and neither should you. Consider joining a mastermind or business network of successful people that would be happy to help you uncover your blind spots, hold you accountable and empower you whenever you feel overwhelmed.

Your coach or group will also be integral in the second leadership trait: your energy. If you take care of yourself physically, and your energy is not a 10, your mindset is the culprit. Running in the background are hidden thoughts or limiting beliefs that are draining your energy and enthusiasm. A coach or mastermind team is invaluable here. Your energy will naturally rise as you begin identifying and challenging whatever is blocking you. And since your staff mirrors your energy, as that energy improves, so too will the energy of your entire team. Set the energetic tone for your organization and watch employee morale, output and productivity rise with a heightened level of energy.

Lastly, strive for level 10 enthusiasm. We know how infectious enthusiasm is and nothing can turn a business, or management team around faster than authentic enthusiasm. The key here is to have a clear vision of where you and the company will be in ten years. Visualize what it will be like when you have accomplished your goals? Reflect back to why you may have joined or started the business, focus on how your company’s products or services are contributing to others and the impact your company makes on its employees. We often brush aside the enormous difference we make in the world but remembering the people we serve can help us stay inspired.

Confidence, energy and enthusiasm are fundamental leadership traits for anyone playing at the top of their game. If you and your staff were playing with complete confidence, energy and enthusiasm could anything stop you? Where would you be ten years from now? Please comment below!

About the author

Ascanio Pignatelli is an award winning speaker, executive coach and author of the forthcoming book “Lead from Need: Raising Employee Engagement Levels from the Core”. He is the founder of ApexCEO, an executive coaching and leadership development group that helps C-level executives develop their leadership and communication skills to create more engaging workplaces. To book Ascanio for your next speaking event or workshop, please call him at 310.913.2313 or visit http://www.apexceo.com/.

Energy Leadership

Over a hundred years ago, Albert Einstein turned the scientific community upside down with a radical idea that everything we see, hear ,taste, touch and smell is not matter, but energy. Every thought you have has energy. Some of those thoughts are limiting, while others are empowering.  Your limiting thoughts are comprised of catabolic energy — destructive energy that shows up as doubt. worry, guilt, regret, etc. Thoughts that motivate and inspire you are constructive and anabolic.

Leadership is your ability to inspire (yourself and others) and is determined by your level of energy. Your leadership ability is predicated on your energetic state (the amount of anabolic or catabolic energy present at any given moment).

Energy Leadership is a process that helps you become a better leader by raising your level of energy, engagement and awareness. Our system has helped CEO’s and C-Suite executives influence people with far less stress and effort, by shifting them from a destructive, catabolic state to a constructive anabolic state.

For more information on our Energy Leadership Index Assessment and Executive Leadership Workshops please visit http://apexceo.com.