Amanda Kaufman

2017 has been a massive year of change and shift, and without Ascanio’s coaching, I’m not sure that I would have felt bold enough to really go for it!

His style is warm, direct, and kind, with a good jolt of positive energy. He knows how to push you in a way that allows you to rise to the challenge, and leave nothing held back. From our very first conversation, I knew Ascanio was deeply invested in not only in the process, but in ME. He was invested in facilitating conversations that allowed me to live powerfully into my dreams.

Ascanio, you’re a fantastic coach, and I can’t wait to work with you again soon. Anyone considering someone to be in their corner with them in a high energy and impactful way? Hire this guy. Right now. I’m glad I got the opportunity to work with him, he really helped me bring my best.

Michelle Kemmer, CPA

I know Ascanio from rock climbing, but when I was feeling stuck in my professional life, he’s the first person I turned to for help. He’s excellent at getting you to focus and identify the specific beliefs or thought patterns that might be holding you back. He asks tough questions that force you to really analyze your goals and motivations. He helped me to clarify my path and see new and exciting prospects ahead of me. And he’s super energizing! I’m very grateful for his sage advice and enthusiasm, and I highly recommend him! Thank you so much, Ascanio!!

Dahlia Gayed (Managing Director, Merck Denmark)

Ascanio is very passionate about helping people maximize their potential. His Energy Leadership workshop really helped us to understand how to really engage our coworkers. It was a true pleasure to work with him.

Craig Copeland

Ascanio has been working with me to develop both my business and my personal strategy for increasing my clientele base and my business growth. His insights and experience has provided laser-focus for my own objectives and as a result my business has exploded. I love the fact that he incorporates his own sense of fearless, outdoor adventure lifestyle into the training. He’s made me change my own motto to “Be Fearless” in everything I do.

Sergey Kucher

My friend recommended Ascanio as a coach to solve some development problems in my business. I was pretty skeptical but decided to try. Results exceeded all my expectations. After couple of sessions I could see real difference which I could make myself. Thank you, Ascanio.

RC Everbeck

Ascanio has been such a valuable asset to my professional career and in my personal life. His focused analysis, poignant advice and realistic goal setting have all turned it around for me: a guy who was full of ideas and aspirations, but without a proper heading or path. Thank you, Ascanio.

Peter Fedorov

I recommend Ascanio as a business or career coach, I am usually very skeptical about any type of business coaching or consulting as there are a lot of so called “experts” out there who can not deliver what they promise. However, Ascanio is not one of them. His style is not about coaching but rather about helping you figure out your own problems. I judge people based on results and Ascanio is someone who can deliver good results.

Dr. Sungu Armagan

Ascanio Pignatelli is an outstanding professional coach. He is a great listener. He understands you beyond the level at which you understand yourself. You feel very comfortable in his presence right away even if you’ve never met him before. If you think you have high level of energy in your life, you’ll be even more energetic and inspired before your coaching session is over. Working with him, you feel naturally inspired to make the right decisions and take your life to the next level that you desire. He is one of the best coaches I ‘ve worked with. I sure wish that I met him or a coach like him 10 years ago. I’d have lived a much happier life and thrived in every area of my life at a higher level. I recommend most everyone to work with a great coach. And, I recommend that you work with him.